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Paytronas is intended for people willing to achieve wealth and financial freedom but unable to do so because they're not financial experts.

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About Paytronas

Paytronas is an experienced Forex trader and Cryptocurrency Company. The idea and the concept of absolutely new investment company was designed in 2020 when our own trading system was created. But we decided to focus our attention to the full cycle trading system tests and optimization by trading our own money. Few years later all the tests were successfully completed and our trading strategy showed outstanding results. This system is fully automated, our traders just control opened positions and improve trading system from time to time by optimizing it to the current market situation.
When the system showed itself as stable and profitable the new period of Paytronas development started. Our professional team of supporters began growing and turned into one big strong company where everybody took his own right place. Now we are ready to go online and offer our services to the general public. Our team now consists of more than 35 employees worldwide, who are traders, managers and IT specialists. We already manage over 20 million dollars and this amount grows every.

Investment Plans

Our investment Plans


3.00% Daily

USD 10.00 - USD 1,999.00


3.20% Daily

USD 2,000.00 - USD 4,999.00

Premium Plus

3.50% Daily

USD 5,000.00 - USD 20,000.00
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Our affiliate program is an excellent way to earn additional income from our company. If you are an energetic and sociable person that enjoys interacting with people and making new friends, our affiliate program is an ideal offer for you. Inviting your friends and acquaintances to us at Paytronas , you will receive greater opportunities to earn more from our affiliate program with 10% for the first level and 1% for level 2.